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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Are we required by the ADA (American Disabilities Act) to provide an assistive listening system for our residents?

    Approximately 90% of all retirement and assisted living facilities fall under Title III of the ADA regulations that require assistive listening systems be made available to residents within community rooms with sound systems.


    Hearing loops are considered the most effective and user-friendly assistive listening system that meets or exceeds the ADA requirements for providing assistive listening capability to your residents with hearing loss.

  • 4. Can you give me a ballpark figure for the cost?

    Each area considered for installation requires an inspection to determine if your facility qualifies for a hearing loop and how the loop wire can be installed to ensure maximum performance. Only then can we create an accurate proposal and cost estimate. However, the vast majority of systems for retirement facilities range from $4,000 to $12,000 per room.

  • 2. Will a hearing loop interfere with our other electronic equipment?

    When properly installed by a professional hearing loop installer, you will have no interference with or from your other electronic equipment. Problems do occur when installations are performed by those who don’t specialize exclusively in hearing loops or fully understand the physics of what is required for a clean loop installation.

  • 5. Can’t our facilities person install a hearing loop?

    Unfortunately, some untrained and unlicensed individuals have performed loop installations. In many cases, we are contracted to repair these loops due to poor workmanship, inappropriate equipment, and a general lack of expertise and experience necessary for a successful loop installation.


    The last thing you want to have happen is your residents become frustrated due to a poor loop installation. This would turn all the benefits you hoped to achieve into a major headache and costly liability.


    Therefore, it is crucial to always choose a professional hearing loop installer to ensure a trouble-free installation and to avoid any unhappy repercussions due to a poorly functioning loop.

  • 3. Where else can hearing loops be installed in our facility?

    In addition to any room that uses a public address or audio system, smaller localized loops can be installed in waiting and service areas such as front desks, etc. Almost any location within your facility where your residents interact with staff can be set up with a hearing loop to greatly enhance the experience hearing impaired residents will have with your staff for both parties involved.

  • 6. Why should we use OTOjOY to install our loop over any other company?

    OTOjOY has installed more commercial hearing loops in California than any other company. We are the leading and most highly respected hearing loop installation specialists in California with very strong ties to the Hearing Loss Association of America. OTOjOY has a highly skilled physicist on staff to make sure your loop installation performs to the highest standards and is a licensed, bonded, and insured low voltage systems contractor.

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  • It has been our utmost pleasure to have discovered and worked with OTOjOY. Their work has significantly improved resident satisfaction and particularly, opened up a whole new world for our hearing impaired residents. Thomas Kaufmann's understanding and dedication in this field has allowed our residents to intermingle with those that hear clearly while watching movies, listening to microphone presentations, and participating in activities, that in the past could never be managed to an acceptable level for all to enjoy. OTOjOY have demonstrated that they can deliver a project from start to finish with positive, impactful and appreciated results.
  • Michael Pointer
  • Director of Environmental Services, Vista del Monte
  • Thomas Kaufmann, Founder of OTOjOY, and Eric Deveau hearing professional of Miracle-Ear, gave a presentation to our residents and did a great job explaining the purpose and usage of the hearing loop. They took time to sit down one-on-one with the residents to activate their t-coils in all hearing aids that have this feature. The residents were then able to instantly use the hearing loop. When they heard the sound through the loop for the first time, they were delighted! It is sad to see people not being able to enjoy a film or live presentation in our activity room simply because they cannot distinguish the words being said. The hearing loop makes all the difference!
  • Holly Walling
  • Activity Director, Wood Glen Hall


  • 805-728-9114

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