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Our Magnetic Induction Hearing Loop Systems are
frequently used in the following environments:
Places of Worship

We can loop a specific section of your church, or the whole room, to allow all of your parishioners the ability to hear.

Performing Arts & Movies

Looping your local performing arts theater or movie theater is a great way to include people with hearing loss in the community.

Senior Living Facilities

Senior Living facilities have activity rooms, dining rooms and other flex rooms that benefit from hearing loop installations.

Government Facilities

Court rooms, City Council meeting rooms, and other government halls are examples of spaces hearing loops can be beneficial.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms or education halls are also wonderful examples where people with hearing loss can be better included.

Temporary Events

Hotel ballrooms or trade show spaces that are used for temporary events are prime candidates for a temporary hearing loop.

How it Works

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We'd Love to Help You Install a Hearing Loop System.

If you are interested in installing a hearing loop for your facility or have any questions, please give us a call, or send us an email.

If you know of a place in your community that could benefit from a hearing loop, let us know and we will advocate on your behalf.
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