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The Work We Love

The dedicated team at OTOjOY is passionate about providing accessibility for people living with hearing loss by increasing awareness; installing hearing loops across the U.S. The team is dedicated to this movement and are proven experts in the industry.

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Meet the team!

We have decades of experience in science, business, speech pathology and sound engineering to bring the best results to you.
Thomas Kaufmann
Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Kaufmann holds a German diploma degree in Physics and graduated from UCSB with a Master of Science degree in Chemistry. He invented our patented LoopBuds and has the technological expertise to design loop installations from basic to very sophisticated.

James Rowe
Chief Executive

James Rowe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech & Language Therapy from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK and an MBA from Warwick Business School, UK. He excels with his industry knowledge and experience with VC backed, founder-owned and not-for-profit organizations.

Michael Mooneyham
Project & Installation Manager

Michael Mooneyham holds a Bachelor of Anthropology from UCSB. He spent over 15 years on, in front of, or behind the stage to gain expert technical skills as an audio engineer. This knowledge is imperative our for loop installations to ensure the sound for the users is just right.

We'd Love to Help You Install a Hearing Loop System.

If you are interested in installing a hearing loop for your facility or have any questions, please give us a call, or send us an email.

If you know of a place in your community that could benefit from a hearing loop, let us know and we will advocate on your behalf.
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