Listener Stories

We live for these moments - The reactions people have after using our technology to truly hear for the first time.

"It was the first time I experienced a hearing loop in a public setting. As we took our seats, the room was noisy with chatter coming from all around me, difficult to make out conversations or exactly where the sounds were coming from. I switched my hearing aids to the loop, and I couldn’t believe it!"

Brian Gilbert
Musician & Accountant

"The hearing loop was an amazing treat. My husband put it together and I couldn't believe how wonderful the movie I watched sounded. With the hearing loop, it sounded unbelievable, as if I was in the first row of a wonderful concert."

Gloria Arenson
Author & Psychotherapist

Venue Stories

OTOjOY has installed hearing loop systems in hundreds of venues across the United States – below are two examples...

"We installed a hearing loop at Congregation B'nai B'rith in both our sanctuary and social hall. With this technology in place, our hard-of-hearing congregants are now able to hear and understand almost every spoken and sung word. I am thanked regularly for bringing in this technology to our building. It has tremendously changed their experience in our space."

Cantor Mark Childs
Congregation B’nai B’rith, Santa Barbara, CA
Long Beach Playhouse neon sign on the building.

"We decided to install a hearing loop system, so we are more accessible to our community, our patrons and volunteers. Having a hearing loop system connected to their hearing listening devices, as opposed to having to hand out devices and check-in and all the upkeep of all that equipment, we thought the hearing loop was the best way to go."

Madison Mooney
Executive Director, Long Beach Playhouse

What is a Hearing Loop and how does it work?

Hearing Loops are the preferred assistive listening technology for people with hearing loss.
Solutions for the 23% living with hearing loss.

With hearing loop technology, we create equal access to speech and music by streaming sound wirelessly to people's hearing aids, cochlear implants, and smartphones.

We're the leading experts in our field.

Our Founder, Thomas Kaufmann, is the only U.S. appointed expert on the technical committee of the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) that defines worldwide performance standards for hearing loop systems and equipment.